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Completely quiet secluded and safe. Go on your own you dont need a tour guide. You can grab the 10 or 11 bus from hamilton and enjoy the view. Let the bus driver know you want to go to st. Once you board the 6 let that bus driver know you want to go to clearwater beach. They might not drop you off at the actual beach but its just a 10m walk.

Once there walk the end and youll see the reserve. It is closed to automobiles and bikes. It looks closed but it isnt its open to the public just pass on through. There is also a restaurant on the beach if youd like to grab a bite before you go in the reserve. The reserve is secluded, has more smaller beaches and has white and pink sand.

It also has a tower to climb where you can get some cool pics. There wont be much people so its a nice experience. All in all a very nice and inexpensive way to spend your day. You can also go to st. Youll need 2 one to go and one to come back. Ask for transfers once on the bus. Pack some water, snacks and you can buy food at the beach. She picked us up at our hotel and took us out to the preserve.

She was really knowledgeable about the island having been a resident here for 25 years and knew her flora and fauna.

Best of Bermuda!!!! - Cooper's Island Nature Reserve

We walked all over the nature preserve and explored the different areas. She explained the different plants and encouraged us to experience and learn about them. We normally do a lot of exploring on our own but hiring Lynn was well worth it. We look forward to coming back and taking another excursion with her.

We walked out to this area from the bus stop and admired the series of beautiful beaches and coves. Being February it was too cold to swim but it looks perfect in warm sea weather.

We walked all around the nature reserve , picnicked and took the bus back. Check the bus timetable and give yourself time. Next time I go here I'll pack a picnic and bring a beach towel and stay for at least half the day. Although I was here in late November-December the temp was around 22c and I found the water to be warm. Did not expect Bermuda to be this beautiful and my driver took me to this reserve and between the rocks jutting out of ocean and the different teals and aquas of water and some btfl birds I found it more btfl than cabos. There is an observation tower and walking trails.

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There will be a fence and you must walk from there. It's a minutes walk along a blacktop path to get to the best, prettiest beaches ever. This place is a gem! So beautiful, white powdery sand, crystal clear blue water and plenty of turtles to be seen. This place is deserted and not many people venture out this far leaving the place to yourself. The place is absolutely beautiful and is kind of like St Catherine beach in St George. You can see some of the planes coming in for landing at the nearby airport.

There are a few rocks to climb on, but be careful they are sharp and full of snails and crabs. There's trees along the edge of the road if you are looking for some shade.

There are no facilities here and no place to get anything to eat or drink, so bring the food and drinks with you if you come or you'll have to walk back down the road to the beginning and get some from the restaurant there. There's also a great view of the lighthouse from here too. Toward the end of the beach there were a bunch of shells. The end of the street stops here as well and you can hop across the street and there's another small beautiful area with a beach there too.

Definitely worth walking over to and plenty of picture opportunities due to huge rock formations in the water and on the beach. If you decided to keeping going past the road, wind your way up the hill and there's an old NASA station up there. This place is amazing and beautiful and not a lot of people go here.

It is definitely one of my favorite beaches in Bermuda and I highly recommend it. I could have spent the entire day here. Walking back down the road, you will come to Turtle Bay. It is very beautiful as well and definitely worth a stop for awhile to enjoy the beauty.

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Once again, no facilities and you will have to walk over to Clearwater. Both of these places are simply a do not miss type of beach and well worth the time to check it out. Profile Sign in. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Best of Bermuda!!!! Cooper's Island Nature Reserve.

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Review of Cooper's Island Nature Reserve. Different maps can show different place names. The little bay on the L is Fort Hill Bay. The long beach in the central view is Long Bay. This photo was taken from the viewing platform of the Wildlife Watch Tower in area 1 on the map of the Nature Reserve and neighbouring areas, during an Audubon Society of Bermuda outing to Cooper's Island Nature Reserve, Bermuda, to spot cahows.

This attraction features animals

Since the US forces left the base, a clean-up was carried out after some tricky negotiations. Apart from the civil airport and various residual buildings, the bases have now all gone. The lasting effect of all the military works was to make what were once separate islands Cooper's Island, St. David's Island into a single landmass. Following demolition of all the military installations, the whole area now includes the largest area of undeveloped land on Bermuda, the largest area of public parkland Cooper's Island National Park and the largest nature reserve Cooper's Island Nature Reserve , the latter being committed to a major nature conservation and restoration programme.

Bermuda being the only landmass in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, and also in the hurricane zone of the North Atlantic, this station is an important part of the meteorological network locally and internationally.

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