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A master certified corporate trainer, Michael is adept at assessing the overall health of your organization to formulate differentiated strategies to significantly improve performance and strengthen associate engagement. Stay in touch with illuminating your leadership by subscribing to our weekly blogs and the many articles to enhance your human connections. To order your copy of Conscious Leadership, click here! Stop the incessant rote pattern of your life, both personally and professionally. Switch off the autopilot and take control of the journey!

Most human beings are living well below their individual and collective capacity. Scientifically, we know that only small portions of our brains are in use. Do you let FEAR rule your life? What happened to the dreams you had when you were younger? Where did your enthusiasm for life go? We become confused by our false egos, persistently nagging, chiding, cautioning and falsely limiting us from living to our true and divine nature. Leadership is ubiquitous, encompassing parents, grandparents, educators, ministry, community and social justice advocates, the arts, medical professionals, and anyone who connects with others.

These are the many faces of leaders. From small to large they all have one thing in common: the human connection. At the heart of living are human relationships. Be the unique and wonderful human being you are! When you become aware of being aware, you have stepped into consciousness. And in this state of presence, different choices can be made that not only shed light in your life, but illuminate those you love, lead and serve. Human interactions, while spanning the gamut from one-on-one to large audiences, engage us in living in the moment. After all, this is the only place that life is actually lived, the present.

Employees need this same level of presence from their leaders just as children will thrive if parents are present and conscious. As human beings, we are super electronic microprocessors outputting electric energy to our external world. Choose the energy you want to manifest. Positive energy attracts the same, just as negative energy seeks companion with lower frequencies. Understand and embrace your most positive energetic self! How many of us walking on the planet lately are experiencing a gnawing on our insides, an uneasiness just below the surface of our consciousness? Of course, this chasm can be attributed to many factors, from diet to politics and everything in between.

Yet, what I refer to is a collective malaise, shared among all of us in one way or another. I have found this visceral restlessness to be linked to my desire for an external solution, someone or something to come along and fix it, easing my worries and taking away the pangs of frustration that incessantly infiltrate my sense of self, all pulling me away from where life is being lived: in the present.

And as much as I keep my secret desire for a silver bullet under wraps, the truth is, more than ever before the answer lies from within. That elusive and aspirational place is a place of grace, a divine presence that exists in all of us, veiled so often by our own driving sense of self above others and largely hidden in our 3-D construct. As Doctor of Psychology and dynamic change agent herself, Dr. Grace, can you touch it? Is it real? How does one even attempt to acquire grace? Or is it something that we have all the time, but cannot easily access? These and so many other questions have permeated my thoughts for some time.

However, in my own life journey over the past several years, I have discovered some keys to embracing a state of grace that I want to share with you. These are challenging times for most of us, no doubt. Quelling the fires within, the undercurrent of discontent, angst and gnawing we feel, is not only called for, but demanded in these uncertain times. Grace is the internal fuel necessary to harness our full self-expression, even in times of duress. When you tune into where life is occurring—the present, and you choose to lower your guard enough to step into the presence of grace, shifts happen.

Set aside that which you hold as a shield of honor, your strong beliefs, opinions and certainties to allow for others to join in, contribute and share their stories, beliefs and talents.

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What you may find is greater understanding, better solutions and even friendships. Lastly, forgive yourself for being human! In this forgiveness, grace can filter through the visceral plane to transmute darkness into light. Share this: 0 0 0 0 0.

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There are unforgettable moments that come to us, offering a chance to reset, an opportunity to step into new focus. The total solar eclipse sweeping across the US was one of those magical moments. The line between what our 3-D reality shows us and the access point to the collective unconscious, with its deep indelible memories, experiences and multi-dimensional facets, is blurred, opaque and so often out of reach.

Yet, there is a stirring from within, a spiritual pinging that draws me in for a closer look. Experiencing the solar eclipse from my home in the Pacific Northwest, my senses and spirit pulsed with eager anticipation.

To prepare for this cosmic event, I purposely set aside quiet reflection to identify that which was to be set free: limitations, fears, hurts and unconscious barbs carried around as a ball and chain. And as I discovered while the moon slowly crept across the face of a luminescent sun, there was a purging, an intentional cathartic release that opened up my heart to a new light, a new birth of loving spirit. Life is lived in the present tense- Past hurts, failures, embarrassments and mistakes, while painful to remember, do not define who I am in my present life.

These foibles are points of learning, if I accept them as such.

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We only have this moment and the next moment, nothing more and nothing less. When I step into this realization and awareness, I become conscious not only to myself, but to myself in relationship to others and the greater community. Being present opens the door to making choices that either bring light or cast darkness. Being present allows me to put aside fears, insecurities and imagined negative future outcomes.

Being present provides me with the opportunity to express myself more authentically, with greater confidence and ultimately the ability to build trust. It is hard to imagine why bad things happen to good people; yes, but in a broader perspective, think about times in your life when heartache, loss and misfortune have touched you or others in your circle. Opportunities for healing occur when the pains of life impale us.

Debunking the Compensation Myth Surrounding Retention

When I have laid down my prideful ego, found a modicum of humility and embraced forgiveness, compassion and love, trust has followed. Life is best lived in the embrace of love- The thousands of decisions made each day, mostly unconscious and on autopilot, are the product of living life on a treadmill, rote and safe. Stepping into conscious choosing requires waking up.

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Debunking the Leadership Myth : The Story of Conscious Leadership

There are two sides on the continuum of living and choice making. On one side is fear, on the other, love. Now is the time for us to consider a brave new world, one where we acknowledge our dark energies, fears and what holds us back—what we keep in the dark recesses of our thoughts, preventing us from taking the leap into union with others and ourselves.

Love is a choice! Life is best lived with the power of hope — Unlike optimism, that emanates as feelings, subject to change, hope is a connection point between the mind and the heart. Hope demands a level of vulnerability and courage, a deeply visceral belief that is felt in the stomach and rationalized in the mind.

Hope brings us to a place of meaning, a purposeful manifestation of personal and spiritual importance, a driving force lighting our way in an otherwise hostile, confusing and increasingly violent reality. Choosing hope requires strong integrity and firm commitment. We know the pangs of disappointment, heartache and resigned cynicism, yet to give into these human qualities limits our ability to trust in the process.

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The darkness covering our sun during the total solar eclipse of August 21, , was our chance to let go of old thinking and behaviors. The eclipse, by its very nature, is transformative, providing a portal to transmute fear into love, a place where we can reset our intentions to manifest a new self, a self that trusts in love, trusts in compassion and trusts in trusting.

View Archive. The Power of the Breath - Published on Jun 18, What is Conscious Leadership? Never Enough Time! Be the Real You. Be a Peace- Builder. Be Present. Be a Risk Taker. Be a Transformative Communicator. Be a Love Leader. Be a Servant Leader. How can I make my leadership last? Without trust, there is no relationship. Without a relationship, there is no influence. Without influence, there is no leadership. Without leadership, results suffer!

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We help the Lean Leader understand, in-depth, the principles of trust and how they positively or negatively affect their influence will allow them to achieve greater results in the future. Level 1, the foundation, is built on strong character and solid relationships.

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Level 2, you must demonstrate competency by learning, teaching, and applying Leadership principles and Lean tools in order to continue to gain influence and support by effectively leading cross functional teams. Level 3 is all about addition. You are developing other Level 2 Lean Leaders. Level 4, is all about multiplication.