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The schoolmaster was worse, but I had him sent away directly. Russell is sitting around at Beagle Bay now and do you think that the mission can prosper under such circumstances? To contextualise these comments, Fr. Russell had most likely been invited to the mission to make up the required twelve staff and happened to be there while Dr. Roth visited. Bischofs felt that more Pallottine Fathers were urgently required.

Walter, from a wealthy background and used to certain comforts, did not have the support of the Brothers see also comments by Wollseifer. I once told Fr. Walter what the Brothers really think of him, and of course he was very taken aback about my disclosures. We have now reached an agreement that I will take over Beagle Bay and he will stay in Broome.

Hopefully that way things will improve with the Brothers. I have already worked by myself in Beagle Bay for the last few months and managed fairly well. In German , letters November and May In February Walter left the Kimberley for his Australian fundraising tour 6 , but not before causing further discontent at Beagle Bay by suggesting a non-Pallottine lay helper for study in Rome.

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Rev P General,. I am sure Mr Fulton would make a very good religious man.

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Now it will be your duty to decide the matter. As he himself is pleased with your opinion, whatever it might be, so shall I be the same. Only the Brothers would not like it very much to see him go to study. Non quaeritur ratio. In Christo. Jos Bischofs 8. B: What Joseph is writing here about revolution and such like can only have come to him through his humility.

Other than that everyone here quite likes him. Sonst hat ihn hier jeder gerne. Bachmair who also lent his voice of opposition to Fr. Under Fr. Bischofs also published an article in Anthropos in describing the frontier conditions of the Kimberley 11 and a short note in taking issue with the simplistic way in which Spencer and Gillen had treated the tjuringas.

He argued that generalisations about different groups of Aborigines were counterproductive and misleading. He was one of the first missionaries to attempt an ethnographic examination of the Kimberley.

Translation by Regina Ganter. Thereafter the government was willing to allocate removed children to the mission, and school attendance increased. On one occasion he went bush with Br. Krallmann to muster cattle for sale, and he went on a picnic with the mission girls to Bernhard Well.

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Howe, Bischofs was. He liked a glass of sherry and liqueur at the Continental in the evenings, was no mean adversary at billiards and was very popular among all sections of the community in Broome, not averse to playing billiards and having a glass of sherry. But his amicable nature may also have played against him later on. As Parochus he tried to cover the Kimberley vicariate on horseback and wrote in February that for the last three months he had done 40 miles a day in the saddle in degrees in the shade.

Bischofs was in correspondence with Fr. The Brothers and Fathers at Beagle Bay combined forces to combat this idea. Walter had started to gather material for his book and several, including Brother Wollseifer were only too happy to send reminiscences. Bischofs also continued the work on indigenous languages commenced by Fr. Emo and the Trappists. He later passed on his material to Fr. Nekes before the latter came to the Kimberley:. Thank you for the letter, glad that you will do the language.

I knew this Mr Bird personally, he was the school master on Sunday Island. Lombadina is between BB mission and Sunday Island. I had earlier Trappist writings for my work. I checked it with our blacks, and some of the words seemed unfamiliar to them, possibly because of Disaster Bay where the Trappists had many faithful helpers. I sent my manuscripts to Pater Walter when he wrote about Australia.

He promised to send them Limburg for safekeeping.

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In Australia there should still be old things from Pater Nicolaus [Emo]. I hope that everything is in Limburg as Pater Walter promised. I also sent him a larger work, 16 typed pages about habits and customs of the various Australian tribes. If you need photos about the blacks you should get someone to ask the Protector of Aborigines in Perth and Brisbane.

Hotel surroundings

They both have nature photos of great ethnologic value. Otherwise you can find the photos in Spencer and Gillen, the Arunda tribes of Australia. Just as the mission was becoming prosperous, other forces gathered to cast their shadow. The new Anglican mission in Wyndham and the Presbyterian mission miles out of Derby are not yet affecting us. The government cannot expose the children to danger of being murdered. Die neue anglikanische Mission in Wyndham und die presbyterianische Mission Meilen von Derby machen uns zur Zeit noch nichts zu schaffen.

In April there were news that the Benedictine missionaries at Drysdale River had been attacked. Emo quashed the reports, blaming the captain of the boat who was supposed to ferry provisions for landing in the wrong bay. But there had been a previous shooting, and in Fr. Bischofs reported from Broome:.

The mission had received a few mixed boys from the government and one of these fired a gun from the kitchen window into the air. The blacks ran away and left the missionaries lying half dead in their blood.

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Pater Superior P Altimira recovered after a few months, Pater Alcaldi will always suffer from his wounds. At the moment the blacks appear quiet. But the missionaries are too few for this dangerous place.

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It is lucky that among the blacks there is one who has been in service with whites and is looking for a wife among them. He told the missionaries a few days ahead of the attacks. Although the blacks had announced their attack in detail, the missionaries went without protection among them when they begged for provisions. Instead of distributing provisions to a large group one should have told them to come to the mission fence in small groups.

Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst

Moreover, the shadow of war fell over the mission effort:. Here in Broome we are in constant agitation about the great war in Europe. The Pioneer warship had paid a visit to Beagle Bay on 8 October searching for a wireless. Bischofs, apparently taking the questionnaire at face value, recommended the opportunities in the pearling industry. This letter was intercepted by the censor. The Cameroon missions were lost, their staff interned in France, and no more support could be expected from the Pallottines.

Bischofs went to Perth to confer with Bishop Clune about the future of the Kimberley missions, and an interview with the Chief Censor raised the issue of the questionnaire. On New Years Eve of Bischofs announced to the congregation at Beagle Bay that the military authorities had ordered him to leave. According to Fr. Droste he boarded the Norman pearling lugger for Broome on 15 th January At St. Bischofs was posted in Armidale for the remainder of the war.

In March he wrote to Fr. This was the first and only acknowledgement in his file that he was an Australian citizen. In Armidale he was cordially farewelled by his confreres and congregation with a gold watch.