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The book consists of daily meditations on the psychology and spirituality of love. I was so inspired by what I read that I contacted Chuck and arranged for his book to be published by my publisher at the time. I wrote the foreword to the new edition and helped to promote the book through my work. Like most people, I had experienced a mix of joy and pain in my relationships.

The most pain I experienced was always with the people I loved the most.

Your “Love” Isn’t Love

The metaphor that describes love as a beautiful flower with thorns seemed accurate enough to me. I believed that love is the greatest happiness and also that love hurts. What I learned is that when you look more closely at love and pain, you realize that love and pain are not the same thing. Love is always love. Wow, is this precise? Hei Thomas great article.. Very deep..

And very truth finding One has to be brave and patient enough to ask these questions again and again to self and partner.. I wanna know.. I would love to write for goodmen too.. Gimme your mail or something and we can discuss. First Name Last Name. Friend's Email Address. Your Name.


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Your Email Address. These signs are more subtle and can easily be misinterpreted as real love, because they feed the part of our ego that craves to be adored and accepted. Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free. Please Login to comment.

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  • Gotta be honest with yourself to save from long term. Guilt and regret.. Consider the bell. It can be pretty just sitting there. The bell must be rung for it to fulfill its purpose. Without that action, it is just a metal object, full of potential, but otherwise useless, except as a decoration. This quote is about love, and that action is required for it to reach the full potential.

    Otherwise, it is just a pleasant thought held within your heart, right? By taking action, it can be seen and known by others, and, in the proper situation, returned to you. But only if you take action. Action is all around us. Consider planes, trains and automobiles.

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    Some may be pretty to look at. Some look fast just sitting there. But their true purpose is in action. To move their contents from here to there. Without action, they are just bits of metal, right? Where can I apply this in my life? This, the concept of action, applies to many parts of our lives. At work, we are expected to take action of some sort, in order to turn thoughts, concepts, plans, and numbers into actual products or services.

    What other actions had to happen in order for to even exist? The thoughts in your brain as a baby, the desire to be over there, for whatever reason, is part of what got you crawling, then walking. Time and time again in your life this has been an option. In some cases, you took action, and in others you did not.

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    What opportunities did you miss? What of them are you glad to have missed, and what others do you regret missing? Not everyone will be able to take advantage of every opportunity. For me, the most important part of action is actually taking it.