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Spar reminds us that biology is a legitimate factor, one that the feminist movement has tended to downplay, in determining the choices that women make regarding sex, childbearing, and childrearing. Good advice, if you can take it! Amidst so much societal noise and pressure that urges women that we can have it all, that we are wonder women, accepting that difficult choices must be made and their consequences accepted, is just one of the difficulties we face in our identities as modern working women.

You can do it all!

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Progress Not Perfection

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Interested in writing a review? Find a trusted, mature Christian friend to confide in. Take a hint from James:. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Sometimes, even a legitimate activity certain movies, music or clubs, for example may be OK for other people to indulge in, but not for you. Get brutally honest about your lifestyle: anything in it that makes you prone to sexual sin has to go.

As the apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthians:. Sexual sins are often symptomatic of deeper emotional needs that a man is trying to satisfy in all the wrong ways. Repenting of the sin itself is a necessary first step, but recognizing the conflicts or needs that led you into that behavior may be the next step, requiring some specialized care from a Christian professional. For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth; for he hath not another to help him up. I count myself not to have attained perfection, Paul told the Philippians.

I am still not all I should be. So learn to love the process of pressing on, not perfection. You can repent of the sin, but not of the need the sin represents. So get love in your life: friendships, family, spouse, fellow believers.

Learn to be intimate and authentic. Isaiah asked:. If your struggle seems relentless, remember this: when you commit yourself to sexual integrity, you commit yourself to a direction, not to perfection. What determines the success or failure of an imperfect man is his willingness to pick himself up, confess his fault, and continue in the direction to which he committed himself. How clear are your goals?

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  • The key to being a successful woman? Knowing what not to do.

And, by the way, do you have any fun? Life is about more than keeping yourself sexually pure, as important as purity is.

Commit yourself to developing your life as a good steward of your gifts and opportunities, and make that the context in which you seek to maintain your sexual integrity. Sexual integrity for its own sake is a good thing: sexual integrity for the sake of a higher calling is better.

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So by all means turn from your sin. But as you do, turn towards a goal-oriented, passionate, meaningful life.

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  6. That is repentance in its truest, finest sense. Stewarding our Sexuality Part 1 of 2 :We live in a sexually sensual culture. No doubt about it. And it impacts all of us, irrespective of age, gender and marital status.